Zippo Lighter Quanguolianbao

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To tell you the 10 lighter brand. Ha ha 1, Givenchy Givenchy was founded in twentieth Century by Givenchy (GIVENCHY) have a Givenchy lighter and a pen, will enable you in any occasion inadvertently showing a pair of grace and freshening the good and noble beauty. 2, Cartire Cartire Louis-Francois Cartier has launched the first of a lighter, he designed in 1867 today, Cartire art field is constantly expanding, its products are accessories, watches, leather goods, including perfume, writing instruments, scarf, glasses, lighter, with its classic status fail. In 1642 3, STDupont S.T.Dupont by Emperor Louis thirteen times, the Tissot family is Faverges a few kilometers Village — Arcier. At that time, the parents, Mermet will be the name of the father "S.T.Dupont" crown in the name. In 1948 Dupont focus on new products and set in the design and production of a specially designed for the fashion smoking — to flammable liquid as the fuel of lighter. This sleek rectangular lighter, special design, size exactly in line with the palms of the hands and fingers, simply perfect, when turned on will send out a clear "clang" sound, becoming a living art symbol, but also promotes the S.T.Dupont (S.T.Dupont) into a master for manufacturing lighter. 4, BIC has more than 50 years ago Beek since he was established in France, with its distinctive idea to build the success of the enterprise: provide the high quality for each consumer, high performance products. Beek Beek (BIC) (BIC) writing tools, lighter and razor has become a part of the world millions of consumers of life thus, Beek became one of the world’s most famous brand today. 5, IMCO Europe’s oldest lighter, has produced 5 million only lighter, in 1920, other companies such as Zippo have not yet been established before, we first automatically become lighter producer. IMCO lighter across the 80 country in the world, STREAMLINE the fuselage uses the high quality stainless steel, the fuel tank is made of aluminium, began in the mid 50’s when each lighter most processes are made by hand, therefore, must undergo a rigorous quality inspection from the factory. 6, Zippo the Georpg G. Blaisdell in 1932 created the brand from a friend in the possession of Austria lighter, was criticized as ugly, but performance is good. The excitation of George design and production services to both lighter, born to Zappo. 7, Dunhill Dunhill in 1923, Alfred Dunhill and two manufacturers, as a lost one arm officers design can put it in his pocket, also can be used with one hand lighter. This invention has brought a new revolution for the lighter market. Initially, the lighter named Everytime, later renamed the Unique today. 1933.