Zhejiang glasses trade long-term cooperation

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Hello. We are doing the glasses trade company,: 183065358 Tel: 18658688389 the company website: has the intention of cooperation can contact us, glasses market, the whole market is quite good! Manufacturers need to do well as long as the list is still afraid nobody do it you are where you are from Zhejiang? We are a factory in Guangzhou, do glasses exhibition supplies, have the opportunity to cooperate.

qq:1069384269. do riding glasses? Have how much you need to you in Wenzhou where? The elastic band need glasses? We are doing a variety of ski goggles elastic belt, underwear elastic band. Hello, Duqiao glasses Co., Ltd. set medee, production processing, domestic and foreign trade as a whole, we hope a lot of cooperation I in Du Qiao the advantage of the company products: children optical frame, presbyopic glasses, children’s sunglasses, Ray-Ban Sunglasses styles, the male / female / Unisex sunglasses.

welcome to negotiate.

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