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the world’s top ten famous brand
PRADA Prada glasses
PRADA has an exclusive patent temples. Mirror leg bent obtain maximum comfort. Design is reversed, light and bright flat steel material, lenses and frame surface create a light hekou asymmetric features. Natural color, and other unified latest Prada boutique created. Today, people in charge miuccia prada prada but mario’s granddaughter. prada Group control of the prada, jil sander, helmut lang, church co and other brands.
1975, Mr. Jim Jannard (Jim Jannard) pioneered OAKLEY era. OAKLEY glasses glasses products on the concept of subversion is that it is the glasses comfortable, practical, artistic fusion of one. Whether it is product design or choice of materials, have been a series of advanced scientific experiments and testing to ensure its comfort and high quality, and allow a high degree of integration of function and fashion.
JUDITH LEIBER Pearl Edith & middot; Reber
Hungarian fashion brand Judith Leiber (Pearl Edith Reber) novel and ingenious handbag design caught on, in fact, the brand’s designer Judith Leiber (Pearl Edith Reber) early in 1946 to launch the series had sunglasses, handbags produced from design concept, using precious stones, crystal, agate and mother of pearl piece together different patterns, with ornate style of presentation in front of people.
DONNA KARAN Tang That & middot; Karen
United States is currently leading the popular well-known brand in the world by Hollywood International superstar Bruce …

designer glasses Brand Name: pull the wind
designer glasses Product features: The design philosophy is to pull the wind for different ages and offer exclusive of goods, may prove the breadth of goods. Its elegant good, even using the latest and most popular colors to impart new life. Glasses temples and junction box surface is very focused designer section, plus the ultra-flexible, nickel-free metal, more so glasses comfortable, durable, and full of charm.
designer glasses Brand Name: Kennuo
Product features: rich, colorful works can be said kenzo personality traits: curiosity and cultural backgrounds. For kenzo is concerned, everything is the source of his creation. On the wings of inspiration, his eyes catch his soul sublimation. His fountain From: around the world, nature, travel and the arts. Today, he lives in Paris housed Japanese-style building, which reflects his philosophy on the popular, between two civilizations, is a bridge between East and West text.
designer glasses Brand Name: Benny Dayton
Brand: Italy benetton Group, founded in 1965, until now the 30-year history, but it has been the world’s largest apparel manufacturing company award, currently in the global open 4500’s shop to buy an annual turnover of $ 1.7 billion; benetton group composed by the family four brothers and sisters, by the support group Liani Dayton leading designer, will benetton from clothing, eyewear, swimwear, jewelry, handbags, shoes, watches, perfumes and sports products to play the most, their center design colorful, showing more pure, lively, enthusiastic atmosphere, which is benetton characteristics, so in short order its products widely Global Youth hi
designer glasses Brand Name: Tang that Karen
Brand: American currently leading the popular well-known brand in the world, their clothing merchandise from …