With rimless glasses friends can not say the advantages and

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Some rimless glasses lens around without frame surrounds so it can through the light will be better than a full frame half frame more will be more dazzling, you can go to some shops to look at some stores have choke color liquid can love you in the surrounding color can alleviate this situation

there is no easy box frames to wear when walking is also difficult to adapt.

finally is the problem of easy loosening the screws

if you can come and have a look online shopping store.

the new frame and promotion 29-49 more glasses to reduce 10 yuan

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personally feel, low myopia, no astigmatism can choose frameless, for its light weight, exercise more or action is not suitable for other people, the mirror can not be too small to reduce border reflective in the eyes;
rimless glasses should pay attention to the screw loosening, write regularly to