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GUCCI file the Gucci (GUCCI) fashion series: (GUCCI) the Gucci Gucci perfume (GUCCI) (GUCCI) watch Gucci gucci glasses Gucci bag (GUCCI) (GUCCI) (GUCCI) / MENS Gucci Womens Gucci (GUCCI) brand story: when fashion compared with LVMH group for the length of a day, believe now only GUCCI Group. GUCCI brand was founded in 1906 by the Italy leather craftsman GUCCIo Mr. GUCCI, Mr. GUCCI in 1938 opened its first store in Italy, GUCCI Via Condotti, began its fashion br. Like most international brands, the rise of GUCCI would also like to thank the star effect. Sixty years of Hollywood stars have been photographed by GUCCI handbags, indirect advertised for GUCCI. Among the supporters including the famous Hollywood star Audrey · Hepburn and the American first lady Jacqueline · Kennedy (Jackie Kennedy). As Jacqueline · Kennedy often uses GUCCI bag, the bag was dubbed "Jackie O" name. GUCCI is the most glorious period by Tom · Ford (Tom Ford) served as creative director of GUCCI in 1994 day. Tom Ford has been described as the most talented designer, enjoys the fame and power is very high in the world of fashion, the limelight at no two. He also changed the GUCCI in the 80’s by authorized multiple small enterprise production and lead to negative image quality degradation, GUCCI 180°


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