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release date: July 20, 2007 (Limited Edition) (usually October 12, 2007 version) categories: glasses and change of AVG (ボ body, and ズ RA ブ) classification: adult stage (18 -) properties: BL, not CJ operating system: the Japanese version of Windows98/Me/2000/XP /Vista/7 concept: to construct the San San Feng Li (ぎ Ling Feng Li) script: TAMAMI theme song: under the darkness theme song singer: C.G mix (I’ve): Yoshida Katsuya, Kitahara Shinji BGM planning · · protocol: Spray Raiders characters: 5 OP, 1 BGM:28 CG:285: first the first edit this paragraph.

the protagonist Saeki Katsuya in the Kikuchi Marketing Company (on the Danish team, with the election ", media group) general staff.

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one day, Katsuya in accidentally offend guests, depressed to drink with schoolmate at college and colleague Honda Kenji, then alone in the park nearby to buy beer into the mood. Suddenly, a mysterious man named Mr.R appeared in front of Katsuya, and took a pair of glasses, said: "as long as put on it, your life will have significant change. "Start the day g is in put on glasses, is life really has changed. When he put on his glasses, more efficient. However, the life has improved and Qiexi Katsuya, after wearing glasses can only remember fragments…… Edit this paragraph story

how bad things all come, this always fail in the work of man, Saeki Katsuya, meets a mysterious man

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, a pair of glasses to him "from this moment, your life will change dramatically." this side looks without what special glasses, wear him in a moment, the life is a 180 degree change once with the pair of glasses, as if a man competent, work becomes easier but, the glasses on the belt after some self behavior of incomplete recovery of " this is really me? What I do what!? " yes, the glasses, is the weak become a ghost animal attack force in spin glasses on and off, means that from the weak to the ghost animal hero hero (attack) turned adult rendezvous love story!. Edit this paragraph role description

Saeki Katsuya (SAE, Ka Zu,) CV: Hirai Dachiya (Hirakawa Daisuke) young Katsuya – the primary liaison (Gotou Keisuke) age: 25 (you >

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