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Cartire, the British king Edward VII reputation as "king of jewellers, famous brand jeweler of kings", in 150 years, created many wonderful works Its brightness dazzles the eyes. These works, not only watch jewelry creative boutique, moreover also has the very high value in art, worthy of pondering, often because they had ownership of celebrities, and was covered with a layer of legend. From the great necklace Prince India custom, to have the tiger shaped glasses and the Duchess of Windsor often go hand in hand, and the great scholar Cocteau is full of symbols of the College France sabre, Cartire tells another story. In September 18, 1837 two.TIFFANY, Charles · Lewis · Tiffany loan of $1000 as the capital, is located in New York city in the 259 Broadway Street opened a company called Tiffany& Young stationery and daily boutique, the opening day of the turnover was only US $4.98; to Charles? Lewis? Tiffany died in 1902 when he left property for $35000000. No wealth is to drop from the clouds, from a small stationery shop to the development of today the world’s largest jewelry company, "classic" has become synonymous with TIFFANY, because there are too many people take it as a great honour to wear the TIFFANY jewelry, it is with the common deposition and since the development of history. Three.ENZO diamonds represent the loyal through thick and thin love, always considered is the gift of the emotional lover witness this product. So, the diamond will come very naturally to become the September the most concern a precious and beautiful. Every couple’s love is the one and only, every beautiful combination also needs the special honor, hope the old diamond can on own body bloom the most beautiful and unique publicity! Strong background America NASDAQ listing Corporation to ENZO…

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