What brand of sunglasses is good How can sell

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a good sign: 100 yuan the following: Si Beier, Di wind Nepal buy sunglasses should pay attention to the following aspects: 1, tag this small brand is often overlooked. In fact, the tag in addition to telling you glasses origin, but also hides a lot of useful information, such as whether you buy glasses or sunglasses, light microscopy, the resin lenses or Yali …… 2, the lens has a lens quality to identify The easiest way is to take the glasses in front sway back and forth to see if the object lens with the move. If yes, description of the lens is not flat, there are convex, are substandard lenses. Of course, this is a plain mirror it, if it is myopia sunglasses this trick may not quite sure of. 3, color in addition to leisure, entertainment, if it is anti-UV, it is best to buy Ray Ban gray, Le Pen green, blue-gray shade of these genuine sunglasses lens, because these relatively soft colors, looking at When nature does not change color, especially suitable for car owners, because it would not affect their resolution on the traffic lights and other traffic signals. 4, UV index for sunglasses, UV index is UV filtering effect, is a very important standard, the vast majority sunglasses, UV index between 96% -98%, dark lens than light-colored lenses better. Generally 100% of the UV index is unlikely, if the manufacturers claiming their sunglasses have one hundred percent UV filtering effect, that his cattle may blow a little bigger

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