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sunglasses sunglasses in the UV and strong sunlight, beautify external makeup, clothes have a beautifully role! However, there are many Sunglasses brand, so many people purchase can not start, here we recommend good Sunglasses brand, for when you buy can understand the sunglasses brand. The first: Ray-Ban (ROC) Ray-Ban (1930 America, air force pilot special, America air force named symbolic leader USA Culture) second: Prosun Prosun (Chinese polar expedition of exclusive products, 1991 Taiwan Maoli group brand) Third: Dolphin PORPOISE (product of Zhejiang famous brand, industry well-known brands, Wenzhou dolphins glasses Co. company) Fourth: Eagle (American brand maintenance, eyes God, grant America patent and worldwide international patent, ten big sunglasses brand) fifth: Sunglasses brand sunglasses (glasses Tyrannosaurus well-known brand, large professional glasses manufacturing enterprises, Taizhou glasses Co., Ltd.) sixth: PARIM PARIM ten (sunglasses big brands, in 1992 to enter the mainland Taiwan brand, high quality lenses and frame materials) seventh: Oakley Oakley (sunglasses ten big brands, international brands, sports glasses industry leading brand, world brand) Eighth: Gucci Europe. Gu Zi GUCCI (ten big sunglasses brand, modern luxury ultimate, began to in 1923, Italy Florence) ninth: Dior Dior (one of the ten major brands, sunglasses Christian Dior in France in 1946, Tenth): LTM Sunglasses (Zhejiang famous brand, the main production of various metal frame sunglasses, Shanghai Kano Minnie glasses Co. Ltd.) and some sunglasses brand, such as Gu Chi (GUCC…

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