What are the Dunhuang online selling industry

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Online selling industry in Dunhuang:

garment (dress, underwear, accessories, shirts, shoes, T-shirt, ladies dress, wedding dresses, gowns, sun glasses, etc.)

child or baby (clothing, shoes and hats, daily necessities, etc.)

camera (digital camera, video camera, DV, triangular frame, lens, memory card, digital etc.)

auto peripheral equipment (navigator, lighting, accessories, tools, tracker etc.)

mobile phone (cell and peripheral equipment, mobile phone sets, memory card, card, Iphone mobile phone accessories, Bluetooth Headset, card reader etc.)

computer and peripheral equipment (routers, notebook computer, copycat computer, laptop computer, netbook, radiator, battery, Headset, keyboard, mouse, antivirus software, operating system, etc.)

electronic (connector, Headset handset, headset microphone, speakers, subwoofer, cable, Headset, shell, detector, tracker, closed-circuit television, hidden camera, monitor, search engine, GPS Devices, DVD, projector, video recorder, video machines, mini audio, digital receiver, etc.)

health and beauty (mascara, lipstick, eye shadow, hair straighteners, hair curler, comb, hair, Hair Coloring agent, diet products, health and fitness equipment, massage, facial mask, whitening essence, cosmetic contact lenses, skin care products and so on)

Home Furnishing activities (pet supplies, bedroom cleaning supplies, kitchen supplies, bathroom supplies, garden supplies, room decorations and so on)

Jewelry and watches (bracelet, anklet, necklaces, chains, decorative boxes, jewelry clip, glass powder, crystal crafts, electronic watch, sport watches, fashion watches, etc.)

music equipment (headphones, microphones, electric guitar, classical guitar, etc.)

sports products (ball clothing, shoes, bags, all kinds of ball games, badminton racket, travel shoes, canoeing, tennis, swimming, fitness equipment, yoga equipment etc.)

toys (all kinds of plush toys, craft boat, folding bicycle, children’s toys, magic items, puzzle jigsaw puzzle etc.)

all kinds of game machine and equipment (PSP, battery, housing, etc.)

stationery especially shirts, jewelry, mobile phone, mobile phone pendants, hook in the platform is the best-selling products good post, top up!

QUOTE: Oh product selection is very important, we are selling the same styles you have new on the very edge, and according to foreign buyers demand, such as USA weekend travel is many, relatively some tourism products and beach products are sold, they are in pursuit of personal heroism and the pursuit of fashion the tide. NFL will be hot attention.

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