Cheetah sunglasses, refraction Cartire thought

“A lot of people are not familiar with our glasses compared to jewelry and watches, but actually we started more than 100 years ago. The first eyewear in our history was created in 1887, specially tailored for princess D ‘essling. We also ordered tiger glasses for the duchess of Windsor in 1954. Recently, Cartier’s 2015 glasses new book share meeting, from Paris to come to the glasses workshop craftsman, talk about the making of the law.
What kind of signal is that?
Many people have a lot of impression on “logos”, and many of them are similar in their design, and the people who wear them are estimated to have that “warm sense of identity”.cartier diamond sunglasses

In fact, a lot of big name glasses is affixed a brand to produce, besides the logo, basic and brand have not too big relation. “In 1983, we set up our eyeglasses workshop in joinville-le-pont in the suburbs of Paris, and the glasses began to be ‘made in France’, officially named after the Les Must DE Cartier series, bringing glasses to market as a complete product line. In 1985, Christopher worken’s “the 007”, which starred in “the 007,” was wearing our Vend? Me shades.” Cartier officials stressed that every pair of glasses was “genuine” and that it was said that 250 craftsmen worked for the glasses workshop, which they are proud of.
Of course, like the jewelry watch, glasses are not a series of wayward development, its design still inherits the characteristics of the brand itself. Such as this year’s new Panthere Divine DE Cartier cheetah series sunglasses, it is decorated with black leopard spot varnishing, let us see the cheetah’s shadow, not to mention the rivet, identifies the three color gold and C type letters, these classic elements we can find on the glasses. So you can put your favorite cheetah on your hands and glasses.

We know that a lot of big-name brands are used to handing over glasses to other people, but now it seems that the spotlight is on them, and they’re starting to get their hands on it. Last year, when kering set up the glasses business team, the first move was to take back the dealership of GUCCI two years in advance and operate it from January 1, 2017. For such a double-digit growth sector, how can you miss the downturn? Maybe there will be new business opportunities. That may be why the big names have personally taken control of the glasses.
Like cheetah jewelry, Cartier cheetahs aren’t cheap, but the same is true. For the big names, the future of eyewear is not as easy as selling logos.