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Monthly Archives: February 2015


Written on February 28, 2015 , by

Cartire’s story from 1847. Lewis · Francois · Cartire (Louis Francois Cartier) plate under the master jewelry shop in Paris, the formal establishment of the Cartire jewelry shop, then Paris, after the scramble for the throne after some turbulence, and restored Huadu old flashy weather, greatly promoted the prosperity of Paris jewelry industry. Cartire lucky […]

What is Cartire

Written on February 27, 2015 , by

What are the current white-collar consumer behavior What color to wear sun glasses is good for the eyes – What glasses brand the cattle Cartire: Cartier, a French brand, was founded in 1847, products in addition to extremely expensive jewelry and watches, including leather, glasses, lighter writing tools, etc.. More than 150 years has been […]

What brand of ring ah

Written on February 25, 2015 , by

Cartire, the British king Edward VII reputation as "king of jewellers, famous brand jeweler of kings", in 150 years, created many wonderful works Its brightness dazzles the eyes. These works, not only watch jewelry creative boutique, moreover also has the very high value in art, worthy of pondering, often because they had ownership of celebrities, […]

What face suitable for wearing sun glasses

Written on February 25, 2015 , by

is of course greatly frame sunglasses, this will make your face look more delicate,What brand of sunglasses is good, but don’t put too much time because the framework upon the nose will be very uncomfortable, the best control in 2 hours!

What color glasses good-looking –

Written on February 24, 2015 , by

Hello friend you asked what color Sunglasses good this problem is actually very simple, I usually on the Internet to search what color sunglasses will come out a lot of results, but it is difficult to find the appropriate information, your friends to provide the good, the baby sales are very good, the price is […]

What are the top brand

Written on February 22, 2015 , by

Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Lamborghini, CK , ten clothing Donald · Karan, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Versace, Gucci, Valentino · Garavani, PRADA, GUESS, George · Armani two, ten jewelry Cartire, Tiffany, ENZO, Oxette, Boucheron, Bulgari, MIKIMOTO, Graff, Georgjensen, three, ten Louis Vuitton, Chanel leather, Dior, Gucci, Valentino · Garavani, PRADA, George · Armani, Fendi, COACH, […]

What domestic brand sunglasses good Price not too high, the

Written on February 18, 2015 , by

This is the online collect reference only: 1- recommend Fujian out of the “St. Paul”, the English name is PROSUN, a polarizer come. More than 300 pieces a pay last year, the eyes do special train 150 / pay, I ruined two pairs! Go to Tibet are wearing it, very good! 2- leaning Isabel, dense […]

What is the best optical shop in Beijing

Written on February 16, 2015 , by

Taiwan brand Formosa glasses shop "lean" glasses shop Beijing optical shop – Beijing AoYa glasses – Network glasses hospital with glasses is not good. there are many glasses store in fact than the professional hospital. I have been to the eye, good service,What a diamond ring, once broken glasses (herself) to find them incredibly with […]

What a diamond ring

Written on February 15, 2015 , by

What kind of wearing sunglasses appear smaller – male models What color to wear sun glasses is good for the eyes – big names, such as Cartire’s most expensive diamond ring to more than 2! Don’t fit your budget! you with so fine! The 2000-5000 budget, in May the diamond shopping malls to buy can […]

What cartoon character is wearing glasses

Written on February 15, 2015 , by

the answer very much ~ Glasses sister and glasses are numerous, almost every animation will have this kind of role Conan Naruto pocket One Piece black Thorpe death Ishida ury of I& apos; m power o ‰   in 2010 01 month 07 ghost inside the What are the current white-collar consumer behavior What kind […]